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GIS and Remote Sensing Summer School

GIS and Remote Sensing Summer School

Time : 4th – 17th September 2017

Project title:

GIS4EA – GIS for decision support integrated in applied Master Courses for East African Universities

Project objective:

The Eastern African partner universities have scientific and didactic qualified teaching staff. With regards to the local context and formal duties, they have four similar GIS-modules as part of their applied Master programs. In context of these modules, the exchange of teaching staff and students is possible. The universities have a network for further developments of decision support tools based on GIS.

GIS is A COMPUTER – BASED TECHNOLOGY to support the capture, management, manipulation, analysis, modelling, and display of spatially referenced data for solving complex planning and management problems.

The word today is characterized by complex problems and we need GIS to solve them; and advanced spatial analysis techniques are often required to informed decisionmaking.

This is what makes this project timely and very important, and it is going to help solve existing challenges with this existing NorthSouth and SouthSouth relationships.

The main output of this project, being to develop standardized modules for geospatial analysis in GIS for decision support in applied sciences.

Five components:

  • Curriculum and Module Development
  • Train the Trainer
  • Module Field Tests
  • Summer Schools
  • Joint Master Thesis

 The Participant’s institutions are:

  • Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin Germany
  • Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia
  • Al-Neelain University, Khartoum Sudan
  • University Of Juba, South Sudan
  • Université Evangélique en Afrique
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