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CEREA  ( Research Circle for agricultural science students)

CEREA, Research Circle for agricultural science students  is a program designed by students from the faculty of agricultural science at the Evangelical University in Africa in 1994.

The aim of this unit is to support and train  students who attend the faculty of agricultural sciences  by offering them a pattern which could enable  them to conduct research.

It is headed by a coordinator  assisted by three deputy coordinators , the first one is in charge of research, the second deals with the administration and  the third  one manages projects.
With the purpose of reducing tasks ,the circle is comprised of 3 main committees which are :

Animal husbandry : which deals with a wide range of  activities relating to animal breeding techniques which are managed by the Circle.
Crop husbandry :   Where there are several tasks linked to  plant science technique  whose interests  converge with those of the Circle.
Natural resources and environment : The issue of climatic change , degradation of soil and water  quality as well as air and environment are overall concerning issues of this committee.

There  are goals pursued by CEREA which are as follows :

–   Organizing capacity – building skills  training sessions to  supplement  students’ previous  training   received   in classrooms  and the application  of certain practical assignments  enabling students to expand knowledge acquired  in class.
–   Ensuring a regular  exchange of knowledge between students – students,  students -educators as well as  students – working professionals in agroenvironmental field through debates inspired by scientific experiment.
Activities  .

–  Weekly presentations :

Weekly presentations and debates are held on mondays  in one of the university halls so that each committee could at least have one special  day of knowledge exchange between students. One session per month is granted to one of the faculty members with the purpose of enriching views on certain issues relating to the agricultural field.

–     Conferences :

Each year the circle organizes at least 3 conferences depending on the availability of financial means.

There are times, when it comes to make up for   weaknesses found in the academic program and committees, the circle calls for NGOs, professors and other scholars to share their experience with students and members belonging to the local community at UEA surroundings, this  depends on the seriousness of the issue discussed in the  conference agenda .

–   Trainings  :

Various training programs are organized by CEREA for the benefits of students in order to build up  their skills as well as enabling them  to acquire additional  knowledge out of the class activities. .

E-mail : ueacerea@yahoo.fr
Tél : +243859718746

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