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Interdisciplinary center of ethical research (CIRE)

The Interdisciplinary center of ethical research (CIRE) operates within UEA  since  23rd October 2010. It has the following objectives  ,among others :

To conduct analysis within an interdisciplinary ,interfaith and cross –cultural framework,  ,ethical issues which are the cause of social conflicts, poverty, environment degradation   and multiple crisis affecting diverse aspects of the region.
To raise  awareness, mobilize , provide information  and train the local community, political decision-makers, civil society groups, NGO’s and social actors on ethical issues which are the major cause of underdevelopment in the region.
Contribute to the social change through the promotion of ethical values for a sustainable development.

CIRE provides services to the local and regional community  through schools, universities and  colleges  but also with  the local ,national and international NGO’s,  religious groups,  sociopolitical and administrative actors with the aim of creating a regional network of ethical committees and finally  speed up a  sustainable development through social change.

CIRE’s  motto says << Build on ethical values>>, based on this motto concept training programs, seminars, symposiums ,workshops and radio shows are organized in favor of the mentioned groups.

Civil society actors,   provincial female leaders ,female national deputies ,political and administrative officials in the city of Bukavu  in group photo at CAP/Nguba after a meeting.

CIRE has already organized four exciting activities, namely :

1.  Conducted  research and published  on the Islam rise and its impact on the social conflicts in the Southern Kivu province.
2.  The training of civil society in ethics within the framework of peace consolidation through the application of ethical principles and values.
3. The establishment of three ethical committees  which are :

–   The sport ethical committee for peacebuilding  whose mission is to train people for peace in  recreational places.
–   A gender and education  committee    with the purpose of promoting education and training of young girls to prepare them for positions of decision-making  in society.(85 girls graduates from elementary and highschools in the territory of Mwenga have been  trained by CIRE.

–    An observation ethical committee citizen of governance whose mission is to promote accountability and access to basic social services to the local communities in the territory of Uvira.

4.  Conducting research within the framework of environmental ethics  in order to conserve biodiversity which is in the process of extinction in the Southern kivu province.

Currently, CIRE works within the framework of political ethics , environmental and social  ethics with the plan of beginning with bioethics  in the new academic year.

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