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Entry requirements

Entry requirements in the public and private  institutions  of higher education are set by the departmental decree N ESU/CABCE/O82 dated JULY 05th 1982  according to the terms of which << No prospective  fresh student is authorized to be enrolled in the first year undergraduate programs providing that  he/she proves evidence of holding a secondary school certificate(highschool diploma )or any other  equivalence certificate   approved by the Ministry of primary and secondary education>>  .

There are two categories of students  attending  UEA’s educational programs :
Full-time student : He/ She is any applicant who confirmed his/her enrollment  and regularly attends all courses as designed by the curriculum all along the academic year.

Part-time student or non-degree seeking student : The enrollment of a part-time  or a non –degee seeking student is decided by the consent of the Academic General secretary in conjunction with the faculty staff where  the student intends to be enrolled.

Registration procedures are done at the main UEA registrar’s office where all admission formalities   are handled.  In  2014-2015 academic year,  UEA  provided  a  system of  collecting admissions form on  its website.

Download the admission forms here :

[ Admission to the first year undergraduate programs.
[Admission to the  baccaleaurate  programs.
[ Admission of transfer  students .

Admission to the first year  undergraduate programs.

All secondary  school (highschool) leaving applicants with 60%  score  are required to take the entrance  examimation  prior to being admitted (congolese applicants).

Highschool graduates (secondary school graduates) in process of pending state exam results  are also required to take the entrance exam. Students’ names could   only appear on the final list providing that they pass the state exam and this could be demonstrated with an evidence of document or equivalent certificate certifying the completion of secondary school  (highschool ) studies.

The entrance examination is taken from 15th september through 30th. Each applicant is required to be present  in that special day in Bukavu town.

Owing to a competitive-based admission  , applicants are required to enroll as earliest as possible prior to the set deadline.  It is obligatory  for all students to submit  a comprehensive file of admission application including among others :

–     A  written letter   for  registration application.
–     A filled out registration form.
–     Photocopied  document of secondary school (highschool ) transcripts ( senior 5 and 6   ).
–     Notarized photocopy of secondary school  certificate ( highschool  diploma).
–     A photocopy of identity card.
–     A photocopy of birthcertificate.
–     A marital status document.
–     A  certificate of physical fitness.
–     A  letter  of recommendation from the student’s local church for theology candidates.
–     Two snapshots.
–     A folder.
–     A filled out registration form.

Admission to the bachelor’s degree  program.

The institution allows new students to be registered in the 4th year undergraduate programs (engineering, medecine, social sciences, economics, theology) which is the entrance class  for those who wish to pursue the bachelor’s degree program. UEA does not offer any place for registration  in the 5th year which is the last year for the completion of the bachelor’s degree program in DR CONGO.
The applicant is required to submit a certificate of attendance approved and signed by the Academic General secretary’s from the previous attended university to be considered for admission in the 4th year. This admission remains provisional prior to the authentication of the certificate from the previous institution.

Admission to  the master’s programs.

Please contact  programs of your interests for further details.
International applicants requirements.
Admission acceptance.

The acceptance of any student’s registration could only be approved if one meets  all requirements relating to academic fees payment and the  deadline set by the  academic officials  complying with payment modalities through the accounting services.

The student has the right to own a valid student’s card after being officially admitted.
The student’s card is valid for one academic year and renewable each year till the completion of studies.

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