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The Faculty of protestant theology at UEA which stands for the acronym the Evangelical University in Africa is located on the top of Panzi hill , opposite the rector’s office in the district of Ibanda , Bukavu city, in the Southern kivu province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


The current Faculty of protestant theology is an offshoot of the College of Evangelical Theology in Kivu(ISTEKI), dated 1979 through the 8th Community of Pentecostal Churches of Zaire (8th CEPZA) which is known presently as the <<8th CEPAC>> .

Indeed, the idea of founding ISTEKI was conceived during the ecclesiastical conference which gathered all leaders of Pentecostal churches in Zaire where Mr RUHIGITA NDAGORA BUGWIKA was granted the mission of studying ways and strategies how to set up the College of Theology . The idea remained dormant till 1974 when the 8th CEPZA (Community of Pentecostal Churches in Zaire) took the decision to achieve it but to no avail. Ten years later in 1979, marked the decisive step toward the inception of this institution.

The faculty of Protestant Theology at the Evangelical University in Africa is in pursuit of the following goals :


Similarly to other faculties operating at UEA ,the Faculty of Protestant Theology organizes its educational university programs in 5 years , which involve the first three years of a degree leading to a diploma and the final two years of a degree course leading to a bachelor’s degree. Enrolled students in theology have the opportunity to pursue their studies in the following areas of theology :Practical Theology, Systematic Theology, Biblical Sciences and the History of Church.

Apart from the undergraduate and graduate programs , the Faculty of Protestant Theology at UEA offers postgraduate programs or (graduate studies(U.S. english)) (Master’s , Certificate and PhD programs ) in the following areas : Old testament, New Testament ,Systematic Theology , Practical Theology , Ethics, Psychology of religion and Sociology .

We would like to inform you that each academic year , the faculty of Protestant Theology organizes scientific conferences ,seminars , symposia , fieldwork with students , inclusive faculties church service and several other related activities .

The department of Peace and Development operates within the Faculty of Protestant Theology in the graduate level programs whose objectives aim at : contributing to the promotion of peace culture in DR Congo by means of the Church ; Providing a framework of training program for promoters of peace and development who will be at the disposal of churches ,NGO’s , institutions, the local and regional communities as well ; Striving for the building of a democratic and legally constituted state by maintaining peace after a long period of violence. Throughout this program, senior graduate students will work as peacemakers and promoters of community development.

As regard to future project and good education, a number of more than 40 students are required in each class , as a result after each two years it produces at least thirty graduates in Peace and Development Theology .


The faculty of Protestant Theology at UEA has two bodies which are : the Faculty Council and Departmental Council constituted of the academic staff , Teaching associates , Teaching assistants and two representatives of students.


The Faculty of Protestant Theology at UEA has at its disposal a modern library with several latest books among which different published PhD theses of its lecturers while sticking to its policies of updating itself and be at the same level like other oustanding theological faculties across the globe .


The Faculty of Protestant Theology at UEA has the purpose of training wholly an individual (body, soul and spirit ) and deals with enrolment procedures differently from other faculties. Prior to being enrolled in the Faculty of Protestant Theology at UEA ,the recepient must submit a file containing the following documents :

– A notarized document of the Secondary school certificate (highschool diploma).

– School transcripts (senior 5 and 6 secondary school).

– A Birth certificate , nationality certificate , a certificate of good moral standards , a certificate of marital status

– A letter of recommendation from one’s local church.

-4 snapshots .

– 10 U.S. dollars for the registration fee.

– A certificate of physical fitness delivered not more than three months ago.

Enrollment in the Department of Peace and Development requires the submission of the following documents enclosed with your file :

-A manuscript of written enrolment aplication ;

-A notarized document of undergraduate diploma or its foreign equivalence.

– A resume’ or curriculum vitae.

– A notarized document of identity card or a notarized document of valid passport.

– A medical certificate delivered three months ago.

-A letter of recommendation from a national church leader or from the organization of origin.

-A financial support document.

-A certificate of good moral standards.

– Four snapshots .

-A sample of undergraduate thesis.

– Success in the entrance examination.

– Amount of ten U.S. dollars non-refundable fees for participation in the entrance examination .


The Faculty of Protestant Theology at UEA has several partnerships at the national and international level such as (UPC/Kinshasa ,ULPGL/Goma ,UPAC/Cameroon,…). Within the framework of its policy for development , the Faculty of Theology grants each year several scholarships to first year regularly enrolled students within the faculty .

The Faculty of Protestant Theology at UEA intends in the near future to organize its educational programs in the following educational system : ( Bachelor ‘s degree (3 years program ), Master’s degree (2years program) and PhD (3 years program).


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