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Faculty Of Agricultural Science And Environmental

This faculty aims at achieving the following objectives :

Provide various basic trainings with the purpose of training rural development professionals who could contibute to the area of education and development as well as in the agricultural and extra agricultural research activities.

Provide postgraduate (graduate) trainings in agricultural sciences.

Provide continuing education whose goal aim at retraining /improving skills of working professionals in the field of agricultural science and its techniques ,similarly in related science.

Design ,carry out and back up research programs or agricultural yield relating to rural development policies in DR Congo and in the Sub –region ;

Facilitate or enable publication results of activities carried out by educators and researchers.


Two departments are being organized :

Plant science technique.

Animal husbandry technique.

The faculty is planning to set up the department of food technology in the near future .


The faculty of agricultural science and environmental management has to date 44 permanently employed lecturers , which involve 6 permanent Professors ;18 Phd holders ;10 master degree holders ,then 10 teaching and research assistants.


Alongside these permanent lecturers ,the faculty of agricultural science notably invites 16 visiting Professors coming from partner universities ,namely the University of Kinshasa,the Official University of Bukavu ,the National Pedagogical University , the university of Lubumbashi , the University of Lubumbashi ,the University of Kisangani ,the Teacher Training College (ISP),the College of the Rural Development ,etc.

They come from overseas universities such as the University of Dschang ,the University of Yaounde in Cameroon, the National University of Rwanda, the University of Burundi and research institutions such as BecA-ILRI in Kenya and University networks like the RUFORUM.


The Faculty of Agricultural science has at its disposal modern classrooms taking into account students’ comfort. Each course is backed up by notes put at the disposal of students provided by lecturers without any charge of copyrights fees.

Classrooms are constantly supplied by electricity , this enables the use of projectors during lectures. The application of new technology enables the improvement of students’ learning quality.


These assignments are performed in different labs of the faculty , particularly for some courses , but also on farm and in the field. Students regularly go to the field within the framework of practical assignments offered in various courses. These field assignments are mainly conducted under the responsibility of the university and very often in different territories located in the Southern Kivu province.


The Faculty of agricultural sciences has at its disposal 4 modern laboratories , namely:

The Pedology lab mainly focuses on the chemical and physical soil analysis in order to meet the needs of using fertilizers rationally and the Integrated Management on soil fertility.

A Geographic Information Systems Lab equipped with modern computers for analysis of satellite images.

A molecular biology Lab equipped with modern kits for different genetic analysis. With the use of these kits, one is able to do the tests of fatherhood and detect certain hereditary diseases for instance. A Food technology Lab in process of being equipped .


Through the faculty of agricultural sciences , Evangelical University in Africa owns a farm comprised of 4 small units which are:

The bovine unit is made of 20 cows ,with 11 females,3 males and 6 calves. It produces good –quality milk.

The poultry unit has commenced with 1000 chicks.

The beekeeping unit contributes to the yield of honey .

The guinea pig unit.

The Unit in charge of fodder yield has been created for the purpose of feeding bovine.

These different units contribute to the improvement of students’ practical assignments. These ones work on plant feeding , prophylaxis and soil erosion prevention. There is a field of investigation put at students’ disposal for practical assignments, internships, undergraduate and graduate thesis.


The faculty of agricultural sciences has partnership with local research institutions working on the agricultural field ,notably IIAT,CIAT,IFDC, INERA, IPAPAL, BecA-ILRI,RUFORUM, etc it jointly conducts research activities with them which involve senior undergraduate and graduate students .

It also operates actively in international research projects such as Theileriose Project ,Guinea pig Project, etc. which involve its staff who are undergoing training (Master and Phd ) and students.

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