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The Faculty Of Economics And Management


UEA faculty of Economics and management (FASEG/UEA) constitutes one of the most important faculties in the DR CONGO particularly in the area of economics and management but also in the field of education and research. The quality of services provided by this faculty conforms with the international standards.

The school of economics has a dean , a deputy dean and two faculty secretaries , most importantly it operates with 28 professors holding high position of academic ranks ,5 Teaching associates , 15 teaching and research assistants. These highly qualified staff contribute to the organization of the undergraduate and graduate programs with special focus on two majors : Financial management and rural economics.

The completion of studies at the school of economics leads to the award of a diploma (3 years undergraduate studies) and a Bachelor degree(5 Years studies) in partnership with the Congolese government approved by the Ministry of Higher education with an international equivalence.

These degrees are valid to be presented to any prospective employer because they meet legitimately the local ,national , regional and international job markets vacancies from the fact that FASEG/UEA trains and produces competent and disciplined human resources.


The school of economics has the vision of becoming an efficient faculty that could be influential to the economic and social development in the DRC particularly and Africa as a whole. This vision is what makes the mastery of science the essential bedrock of struggle for DRC’s development .

Its core values revolve around a certain number of principles which include among others : excellence, quality, fairness, transparency and openness to the world.

The faculty sets itself basic goals in order to highlight its values, among them we will consider the main ones which aims at :

Training highly-qualified staff scientifically and technically suited to the African context and contemporary world who will be conscious of their responsibilities toward their fellow nationals and capable of serving them with devotion;

Promoting research development in the field of economics and management ;

Mobilizing the whole of intellectual resources to participate actively in the economic development within the framework of resolving conflict issues at the national and continental level .


1°) Education.

UEA school of economics provides good education based on innovative and classical methodologies adjusted to learners , an approach which is not totally traditional. Our institution has the privilege of benefiting from its staff of internationally recognized professors and several visiting professors from across the globe .Lectures are entirely given by professors. Teaching assistants (tutorial assistants) take part in tutoring a small number of students within the framework practical assignments. Currently, with the view of promoting the quality of teachings, the faculty of economics has at its disposal 11 teaching assistants attending Master’s and PhD degree programs (5 Masters and 6 PhD students ). Several fieldwork and supervised visits are organized with the purpose of demonstrating the relevance between theory and practical work.

2°) Research .

Research is one of the strengths of UEA faculty of economics. Research work is meticulously conducted in accordance with scientific rules. Several scientific papers have been published by the faculty. Similarly, conferences are regularly organized by the faculty with active attendance of students.


The objective of training is to provide basic knowledge of economics and management to students in order to prepare them for professional life in the area of management but also how they could prepare themselves to pursue Master’s studies (in economics and management) for those who wish to do so.


Thanks to our high-quality education , job opportunities are many depending on the field of specialty :financial and management accountancy, commercial management , financial management , administrative management , rural development, etc .

UEA school of economics and management provides training which offers golden opportunities for jobs in the Southern Kivu province and DRC on the whole, due to the recognition given for its university degrees by International and local Non- governmental organizations on the ground.

Senior students have demonstrated an impressive managerial skills , others excelled in entrepreneurial career and have become owners of large firms.

There are several faculty alumni working for big Non-governmental organizations and corporations , such as PME-PMI , notably in the field of education ,research , banking institutions and insurance companies, etc.

Among the most available job positions, employers hire :

  • Accountant and financier ;
  • Customer services officer ,
  • Commercial advisor,
  • Banker,

Executive in public services, national and international Non-governmental organizations.


The school of economics and management is looking forward to doing several projects whose direct beneficiaries are students. The most important ones are :

The setting up of a computer laboratory equipped with important modern software in management, statistics and econometrics with a capacity of teleconference and virtual library,

The launching of a Master’s program in food security and the setting up of research center in management.


By means of the university , the faculty builds partnerships with other universities across the region, African continent and Europe as well. For example the case of University of Liege in Belgium.

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