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ICART translated from french  «   International Center for Advanced Research and Training>> Centre de Recherche Avancée et de formation” (CIRAF),  is a research center which has been jointly founded  by the Evangelical University in Africa (UEA) and  Panzi foundation.

ICART’s   objectives

ICART aims at providing technical support and promoting training of local researchers. It coordinates and manages international cooperation in the field of research.

Its mission is  to strengthen local researchers’ skills by equipping them on how to solve local issues.


To grow within ten years’ time as an outstanding regional research center whose local researchers would be internationally recognized in their application of  reliable data  for the purpose of  solving local problems as well as  strengthening researchers’ skills  to  be transferred to future generations.

Project description  and background.

International Center for Advanced Research and Training (ICART) .In 2010,  Dr Denis Mukwege received a prize from the University of Michigan  for his good  deeds  of benevolent assistance  to victims of sexual violence and those suffering from acute gynecological problems. The University of Michigan has a distant past research background ,in addition, it is regularly ranked as one of the top-notch research universities across the globe. During Dr Mukwege’s visit to the University of Michigan  and  previous visits  in Bukavu  by members of the University of Michigan  the agreement has been reached for partnership in order to set up a research center.The success of such initiative also depends on a local university with an effective research mandate  which must also be a key partner. The Evangelical University in Africa (UEA)has been set up in 1991.Under the supervision of the current Rector Professor  Gustave Mushagalusa , a new building was built in 2011 with  the capacity of welcoming more than 800 students in the vicinity of Panzi hospital.UEA students perform their  practical assignments and internships at Panzi  hospital and take part in research activities conducted by professors and scholars from other  local and international universities. A large number of  academic staff  at UEA faculty of medicine   are physicians working at Panzi hospital. One of UEA major objectives  is to enhance  students’ research skills  and  provide  them additional knowledge how  research is carried out.  The goal of Panzi Foundation DRC and  UEA is to strengthen research skills  . An agreement was made that the research center would be a joint initiative between these two organizations. The University of Michigan has played a vital role  through technical and consultative support in close collaboration with these two organizations in order to set up a  research center but also insuring  appropriation and good governance to Panzi Foundation DRC and UEA.

ICART also organizes training programs for local researchers in how to apply research  methods   ,items on human research and ethics, data collection analysis and management ,scientific writing and presentations as well as publication skills.

This would help to find out how the administrative and academic staff working at  Panzi Foundation ,General Panzi Hospital  and the Evangelical University in Africa  acquire valuable skills to become effective advocates and  leaders of international research community in order to satisfy the needs of DR CONGO and prepare its future. They will utilize  acquired knowledge through their research on the most effective programs and policies .Therefore, this could lead to a highest global change ,development and betterment of all congolese living conditions.


Currently, ICART’s activities  are carried out at Panzi Foundation’s premises , precisely at Maison Dorcas III located at Mushununu (Panzi) in the city of Bukavu , Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


For further inquiries, visit our Website : www.icart-bukavu.org Send your mail to :  info@icart-bukavu.org

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