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UEA impact

Since its inception till to date, UEA has already trained more than 2259 graduates(undergraduates) ,among which 1735 male students(76.8 percent) and 524 female students(23 percent) ,  all faculties included . Findings from a joint- survey conducted in April 2013 by Research and Training Skills Center along with UEA showed that one-third of physicians working in Southern Kivu province  are UEA  alumni.Plenty of them are employed to various health and medical organizations,companies,NGOs,churches,public and private sector,thus UEA graduates are spread across the globe.

UEA alumni locally participate in to rebuilding of the country at hospitals,churches,companies as well as public and private institutions which hire them .

UEA impact on the local development is an undeniable factor on the ground. As a result, students and graduates train local citizens in searching sustainable solutions to challenges and economic crisis affecting various sectors that citizens of Great Lakes Region face.

We notice their active participation in the following areas :

  1. The fight against sexually transmitted diseases ,in this instance HIV/AIDS.

Through UEA HIV/AIDS club organized by the faculty of Protestant theology and the Circle of Medical Students’ Reflection (CREM),the Evangelical University in Africa participates in the fight against these plagues through reflection days ,training seminars of trainers and workshop seminars organized in favor of religious leaders,women,schoolboys/schoolgirls,village leaders and youths.

  1. The rational environmental management and reforestation.

UEA with its school of agronomy and environmental management  in collaboration with  PMU paticipates in the protection of environment and biodiversity by training local citizens in various projects :

– Research on cassava mosaic. ( multiplication of cuttings);

– Agroforestry.

– Growth and Enhancement of Animal breed.

– Research on weed.

– The Broadcast of improved households.

– The improvement of watersheds and   fight against erosion.

– The production of school books in environmental field designed for primary schools.

Within this framework, Evangelical University in Africa endeavored to engage in   reforestation activities at  Panzi area, Ruzizi plain and everywhere else where it was deemed appropriate. Students from the school of agronomy also train the local community in environmental management practices and forestry.

  1. Summer school

With the perspective of preparing an elite student body ,UEA had organized the Summer School GIS  Program designed for outstanding highschool students (finalists senior 6th) and pre-finalists (senior 5th)coming from a wide range of local schools located in Bukavu city which took place  from july 1st 2013  through 14th july 2013.It was a special occasion of encounter ,exchanges and training in the field of Geographic Information Systems. An analysis was conducted on health structures  in the city of Bukavu and  revealed results  have been put at the disposal of the economic provincial ministry.

Along with its school of economics and management, Evangelical University in Africa actively participates in the economy recovery  through internships ,NGOs  and corporations consultancy but also  by training people in the promotion and management of microcredits generating income ativities.

  1. Access to high-quality medical care for all.

Evangelical University in Africa with its medical students in collaboration with PPU and PPM plays a vital role in the  quality of treatment improvement  provided to the local  citizens.

Interns and alumni from the faculty of medecine work for the principles of autonomy and justice in order to enable all congolese citizens to gain  access  to high-quality health care. Wherever they work whether during their internship or training , UEA students do their best by  relentlessly providing services  to rural and urban communities.

  1. Peaceful coexistence and women promotion.

The positive contribution of Evangelical University of Africa particularly with the Department of Peace and Development within the Faculty of Theology is an  undeniable fact.  It promotes peaceful coexistence, train development professionals and provides women support by offering scholarships to girls.

Through symposiums, training seminars, workshop seminars , open house days and sporadic meetings , UEA contributes a great deal toward peaceful coexistence of ethnic and religious groups,churches and different communities in conflict at the national and  the African  Great lakes Region as well.

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