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Studying at UEA


The Evangelical University in Africa enjoys legal rights and it is under  the supervision of the Ministry of higher education and scientific research in the Democratic Republic of THE Congo.

UEA remains an engine endowed with complex  gears for its functioning . It differs from other institutions of higher education by its sizes and unique purpose. Its purpose is not only evangelical but also aims at meeting diverse community needs  at the local ,national ,regional as well as global  level. Therefore, It also focuses on contributing  to  research development .


Each year , the Academic general secretary’s office sets the deadline for the submission of the application file .

2016-2017 academic year enrolment for the first years undergraduate programs are ongoing.

Download  list of  elements comprising the enrolment file.

Download the enrolment form.

The application file is submitted in three samples. On this occasion, the student receives a  receipt along with the registration number. The registration committee will only  regard credible comprehensive files containing genuine information about the applicant .

With the aim of insuring high-quality education in relation to infrastructures and available teaching resources ,first year undergraduate  enrolment is done in accordance with the following rule below :
15 %  for alumni .
75%  for new graduates.
10 %   for students who repeat the year.

The registration committee at the Evangelical university in Africa is the decision-making body      in charge of the enrolment processes of  all  first year  undergraduate students ,the decision must be approved by the Academic general secretary’s office at the instigation of the faculty council  ,mainly for transfer students.

Registration period commences from the beginning of August and ends at the end of september.

Submission of the application file  is done at the registration office within the main registrar’s office of UEA.

Guidance  for newly-admitted students.

The complex functioning of UEA bodies and services may sometimes mislead  neophyte applicants.

Within the framework of  satisfying new applicants’ inquiries , the main registrar’s office has designed a guidebook for students who hence wish to be educated in this renowned  institution  in order to  assist them to adjust to  the university lifestyle . As  a result,  the main  registrar’s office designed a student guidebook.

Download the student’s guidebook here .

From the student’s guidebook, one will find out  about the university background, its bodies and functioning paradigm, specific goals to be pursued ,curriculums designed by different faculties ,entry requirements for study programs and enrolment procedures, the set-up of exams,rules regarding students’ accomodation and transportation services as well as additional inquiries relating to  students’  lifestyle inside and  outside the campus.

Therefore, the student’s guidebook serves as a document of inquiries and guidance  designed and recommended for UEA  students to enable them to have access to relevant information regarding student’s life in this huge university. A welcoming ceremony is held the following weekend at the beginning of the academic year.

E-mail : sec-gen-academique@uea.ac.cd ou inscriptions@uea.ac.cd

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