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With the aim of promoting development ,  the Evangelical University in Africa  operates within a  broad network of partnerships at the international ,regional and provincial level  than locally.

1. At the international level
UEA  has  multiple partners from across the globe :
–  Pingstmissionens U-landshjälp  Pentecostal mission for development (PMU)]/Sweden.
–  Pentecostal Foreign Mission (PYM)/Norway.
–  Pain Pour le Monde, Protestant service for development (PPM)/Germany.
–  Lakarmission/ Sweden.
–  Francophone  University Association (FUA).
–  Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC)
–  The Norwegian Institute of Urban and Regional Research(NIBR) /Norway.
–  La Pontifica  Univeridade  Catolica do Rio Grande do SUL/
–  University of Toulouse /France ;
–  University of Gothenburg   /Sweden.
–  University of Milan  /Italy.
–  University of Michigan/United States of America.   
–  Handong University,  Pohang/ South Korea.  –    Beuth Hochschule fuer Technik in Berlin/ Germany.     University of  Hohenheim in  Stuttgart/Germany.
–  Environmental Systems Research Institute (ISRI)/ Germany.
–  Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM);
–  Protestant Universities in Africa Network(RUPA).
2. At the African regional level.

UEA collaborates  with the following institutions :

–   The Protestant University of Central Africa /Cameroon.
–    University of Cheik Anta –Diop  in Dakar/Senegal. (Agreement  subject to renewal) ;
–    University of Tchang.(Cameroon).   
3. At the African Great Lakes Region level.

UEA is in partnership with the Pentecostal Churches Community of Burundi(CEPBU), the Association of Pentecostal Churches in Rwanda (ADEPR),the University of Burundi, the University of Ngonzi  and the National University of Rwanda.
4. At the Local level

The Evangelical University in Africa has the following partners;

–  The Independent University of the Great Lakes Region(ULPGL),Goma/DR Congo.
–   Church members  of the Church of Christ in Congo /Southern Kivu Province.
–   Local firms,  local community ,public and private institutions,  local and international NGO’s  operating at the provincial level.  Les entreprises locales, la population, les institutions étatiques et paraétatiques, les ONG locales et internationales travaillant dans la province.
–  Since  November 2013,  UEA  is   conducting    a project  on watershed  improvement for the International   Powerplant  SINELAC .

Since september 2013, UEA works in partnership with Panzi Foundation along with Panzi General Hospital at an international research and training center in the field of research organized within our institutions at Panzi area. Since 2012, it collaborates with CIAT (International Center of Tropical Agronomy) in its project named Harvest Plus for the multiplication  and spread of  beans fortified with  Iron  and Zinc  but also  in the research  project on guineapigs.
5. At the level of experience  exchange.

UEA welcomes lecturers  from various institutions of higher education across the world.  It is within this framework that it invites lecturers from the University of Kisangani(UNIKIS),   the University of Lubumbashi , the University of Kinshasa,  the Official University of Bukavu, the Catholic University of Bukavu , the University of Graben,   the Catholic University of Butembo, the Protestant University in Congo(UPC), the University of Burundi (UB),  the National University of Rwanda,  the Protestant University of Central Africa  (Cameroon),   the Independent University of the Great Lakes Region (ULPGL),Daystar University, the University of Nairobi, the University of Milan(Italy), the University of Gand , the University of Nantes and Toulouse (France), the University of Gothenburg(Sweden),  the University of South Korea, the University of Makerere, the University of Beuth  in Germany  and  others from  overseas.

6. At the National level.
At the national level, UEA is expecting to join the Network of Great Lakes Universities (RIGL) in order to sign an agreement with one of the following Universities :UNIKIS,UNILU or  UNIKIS  for more visibility in the country.  

7. Networking.
UEA is presently a member of four university networks :
–       AUF : Francophone University Association.
–       CIUB : Interuniversity Council.
–       RUFORUM : Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture;
–       RUPA : Protestant Universities Network .

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