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Summer School

The Evangelical University in Africa and Esri Germany will organize Summer School about GIS in Bukavu ,DRC from 12th   through 19th  July 2015. GIS means Geographic Information Systems which is a  key and cutting-edge 21st century technology.

The third GIS Summer School’s  program  in Bukavu  will  aim at  creating schools database  in the three districts of Bukavu city(Kadutu,Ibanda and Bagira).  Highschool students (secondary schools pupils ) will have to gather data from schools by using GPS and questionnaires.During this   week ,the activities will be conducted under the motto <<Gather-Comprehend-Apply>>.

The main objective of the third summer school in Bukavu is to demonstrate how pupils (highschool students) could utilize GIS technology and GPS  in order to study data gathering process  in the schools of  Bukavu city by means of a questionnaire.  By means of GIS tools , data  will be analyzed ,set on maps and published. Database must be used for analytical purpose and future improvement in the educational area.

<< Human senses>> perceive >>’’ technical sense’’  explains >>”.

A good education is one of the most important products  a  human being could receive in society. It enlarges human spirit with knowledge , It  enables the growth of human mind with knowledge ,it acts as a key to success for an individual and therefore  contibutes to a significant growth and  positive impact on the country.

To ensure a high-quality education , educational institutions should be regularly investigated and visited. In order to know the school location and its real configuration ,GIS could help to identify  differences but also provides assistance to the Ministry of education to plan on a fair share of resources.
Theory and practice.

The activity will be launched  by the introduction of GPS and GIS tools  presented by specialists of the Evangelical University in Africa and Esri Germany which  will be followed by practical assignments in the field  as well as in the computer lab :


• Taking  pictures  through the use of  GPS.

.  Collecting and   analyzing data.

. Observe, take pictures with accuracy and describe properly.

•Differentiate, assess and decide.

•Recognize database data.

•  Make a distinction between  genuine environment  and its  technically altered description.

Working with GIS.

• Data entry.

• Data checking.

•Data analysis.

•  Designing  maps.

•Presentation of results during the closing ceremony.


Up to 24 highschool students(senior 4 and 5 secondary schools) with a good  proficiency in english language, computer skills and geography will be selected from 12  highschools(secondary schools) located in Bukavu . Participating in the camp is free of charge including accommodation ,meals, assistance, computers and the use of software.

Required external approval.

Candidates must obtain approval from one of their teachers,  school adminsistration, and parents who gave them permission to participate.

Good  luck.

We call students (pupils) to design a genuine GIS plan within  the  7 days of their school  vacation. Highschool students (pupils) will visit schools, collect and analyze data under an effective supervision. Throughout the summer school ,  highschool students will be escorted and supported by UEA’s experts and ESRI Germany.

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